pick up and drop off brake replacement nj

Did you know that Brakes On The Go NJ now offers Pick Up and Drop Off Brake Repair and Replacement services?

While our standard has always been coming to you directly and replacing and repairing your brakes on the spot, we also offer the ability to transport your vehicle to our auto repair shop and drop it back off at your original location once the repair is completed.

This service is perfect for people who often keep their car in a tight space or closed area.

Say you live in an apartment complex with assigned spaces and don’t want to block the lot. We’ll come by with our flatbed, pick up your vehicle, and take it to our central location in Freehold, NJ. Once we are finished with your vehicle, we bring it right back to your spot and put it back exactly where we received it.

Another great example is if you work at an office with private parking or park your car in a public lot. Those are places that can fill up quickly by the time the workday gets going. We completely understand the hesitation to call a service that will come down and block open space or possibly intrude on a private lot while they pull out your car and repair it on the spot. While the service itself is convenient, the circumstances are sometimes not. Brakes On The Go NJ understands this and we make sure to accommodate all customers by swiftly and securely loading your vehicle onto our flatbed truck and taking it to our auto repair shop while you are free to continue going about your day.

We bring your vehicle back in no time at all and the entire process is done with care, time, and location in mind.

So if you are anywhere in the New Jersey area and need your brakes replaced or repaired, call Brakes On The Go NJ at 732-462-8800 and let us take care of everything.