Right now, with the holidays approaching, travel season is upon us, Brakes On The Go NJ would like to remind you of a few quick things to check with your vehicle before going on that big road trip or vacation.

  • Check your Fluids. Always make sure that your fluids like oil and coolant are taken care of before any kind of extended trip. The last thing you want is to be driving around on the highway and your brakes or engine go down because of a lack of fluids or a failure to get a standard oil change.
  • Replace your old Wipers. It seems like such a simple and small detail, but you would be surprised at how many people take off on a trip every year with old, raggedy, or busted windshield wipers. Having good, new wipers can mean the difference between getting stuck in the middle of a storm and being able to navigate it properly or getting stuck in a storm and risking getting into an accident. For all of the seemingly major items to remember to have set before any kind of extended trip, it’s always good to stop and take stock of the little things that you might have otherwise forgotten.
  • Checking your Tires. Another simple check that sometimes goes unmarked, you should always make sure to check your tire pressure before a long drive as well as check for any nails or slashes in your tires. You don’t want to be out on the road with a slow leak and have your car break down. If that does happen though, you should also be prepared with a spare tire in your trunk.
  • Don’t Forget Our Phone Number, We’re here to Check Your Brakes! Even if you have gone through an entire checklist of precautions, it’s important to have a brake specialist check your brakes and rotors. That’s why you should always keep the number for Brakes On The Go NJ handy. Call us at 732-462-8800 day or night. We’ll service your vehicle anywhere in Central New Jersey. Just one phone call and our mobile auto repair shop will be on its way to replace or fix your brakes and get you on your way.

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