There are quite a few signs out there that can let you know that there are problems with your brakes. It also helps to know these signs because they can clue you in to just how serious those problems might be. Here are a few helpful signs to take notice of the next time they happen to your vehicle.

Foul Odor. If you smell a pungent, burning odor in your car, it could be excess oil burning after an oil change or you might even be driving with your parking brake engaged. But if that smell is coming from your wheels, it’s more than likely that your brakes are overheating or failing fast. If you smell burning or see smoke coming from the front of your car, pull over and shut it off completely; then call for help.

Vibration & Pulling. We all know that an unbalanced tire can cause vibration in the steering wheel. But if that vibration is in the brake pedal, it might be caused by unresurfaced rotors or even worn out suspension parts. You also want to take notice if your steering wheel is pulling or tugging to one side when you brake. This is a clear sign of either a bad brake hose, stuck caliper, loose suspension parts, or worn brake pads.

Odd Noises. If you start hearing odd noises such as grinding, squeaking, or screeching coming from your car, this could be an indication of one of several different things. It could just mean that a rock has gotten caught between the brake pad and the disc, though I would not rest on assuming this is the case. On the other end of the spectrum, it could be that you are hearing a failing alternator, bearings, worn shocks, or even worn down brake pads. When your brake pads get worn down, you will hear a metal tab that contacts the rotor surface start to screech. This is the brake pad indicator and hearing it is a sign that you should get your brake pads checked out and replaced immediately.

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