We’re always looking for ways to increase our brakes’ life. Eventually, they will wear down or falter and it is not something we like to think about until it is almost too late. But there are ways to extend your brake life that could end up saving you some much needed time in the long run.

Safe Driving Saves Brakes. The most common way to save your brake pads might also be the most obvious. Maintain safe driving practices and you’ll maintain healthy brakes for longer. Use practices like keeping a safe driving distance, three seconds behind any object in front of you, in order to maintain healthy braking habits. Quick stops and jarring brake habits can absolutely destroy your brake pads. But by keeping safe driving habits in mind and adhering to a more cautious driving style, you can save your brakesfrom an early replacement.

Use Correct Braking Practices In Steep Areas. If you live in or are visiting an area with steep roads, such as the mountains, here are two specific tips you should know. If you are driving downhill on dry roads, drive in a lower gear. Then apply your brakes with light pressure as your car begins to speed up, maintaining a constant speed. By doing this, you are balancing engine braking and pumping your brakes. This allows your brakes to cool down. Riding your brakes straight down a steep hill generates friction. This practice cuts down on that friction and wear slightly. But there are certain conditions where you would not want to use this method. If you are driving down an icy or slick road, use light, consistent pressure on your brakes and keep double the distance between yourself and the car in front of you. This allows your antilock brakes to kick in if you lose traction and gives you enough room to be safely away from bumping into vehicles in front of you.

Plan Accordingly. Similar to the first tip, slowing down and building up habits of not slamming on the brakes at sharp corners, stop signs, and turns allows the engine to do the heavy lifting and keeps strain off your brakes. This allows for a longer, healthier lifespan for your brake pads.

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